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For much of our own and our customers' sites, we rely on the Content Management System (CMS) Joomla. Joomla is open source software and has a very high penetration level. Various manufacturers offer professional templates that actually cover all the requirements for a modern website, in addition there are countless extensions for Joomla, which also can be used free of charge or very professional payed extensions. Although it seems that the number of extensions really cover every scenario, it is often the case that a customer has specific needs, which are then programmed or adapted by us. If we think that it could be interesting to expand these extension to other customers, they will be published here.

The first component of the publication is 'JFS calendar for Google events'. An event component that fetches entries from the own Google Calendar and displays them on the Joomla page. So the customer only needs to maintain one calendar and automatically updates so his website.