JFS Google Calendar support for PHP8 and Joomla4?

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Hi Bas,

Thank you for your detailed post. I will describe my problems with the extension, or with its development. Joomla 4 and PHP 8 are not really the problem, they are programming tasks, the biggest problem is the certification of the component by Google. Google has set the bar significantly higher here and expects a certification of the extension, as personal data is accessed. At this point, the development is also standing still and we are not progressing. The problem is not new to Joomla 4, even now with Joomla 3, no logins are possible, here we are already blocked by Google.

So if anyone has an idea of how we can register the extension with Google, I am open to any ideas and help.

Best regards

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In fact, during the past week I have been working hard to get the JFS Google Calendar extension to work well under PHP 8 and Joomla 4. I got a long way, but still/only (whichever you prefer;-) two blocking issues to address. I dared to be as bold as to introduce version 1.6.0-alpha for my own use, but I'm happy to share with you, and probably need help to solve these final problems.
Kind regards, Bas

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2 Wochen 6 Tage her - 2 Wochen 6 Tage her #551 von bas_otten
Dear JFS,

For years I have been using JFS Google Calendar happily on our church website. At one point I contributed the Dutch translation for it, as you probably remember. Currently I am facing two major challenges with this extension, related to PHP and Joomla versions.

1. PHP 8
As PHP 7.x is no longer supported it seems useful for JFS Google Calendar to become compatible with PHP 8.x. The current version 1.5.9 is not: when you use the module on the front-page it turns your website into a blank sheet. Actually: I dived into this and solved the technical issues that exist under the covers related to PHP 8.x! It boils down to a handful of just syntactical matters and was easy to fix: I can share them with you if you wish.

2. Joomla 4
With the point in time getting closer that Joomla 3 will face its end of support, website maintainers will need to migrate to Joomla 4. When I bypass all warnings and migrate my website to Joomla 4 on a local test environment, there is a lot of failures. Immediately showing is the 'JRequest not supported' error with the JFS Google Calendar module activated. I tried to address this at several points in the code, got to a certain point down the road, but still lots of problems. Backend is also totally defunctioning in Joomla 4.

So my question: will you keep offering the pretty JFS Google Calendar extension and give it a new future under PHP 8 and Joomla 4?

Best regards,
Bas Otten
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